Registration Info

2019 Registration Info



Our South Bay competitive teams are entered in either the San Diego Development Academy (SDDA), the Presidio League or Coast Soccer League (CSL). Each has different cost levels. SDDA is the highest level of play in San Diego County. Registration fees for South Bay players on SDDA teams is $360. Registration for South Bay players in the Presidio League is $270 per player. Registration does not include a uniform, which is separate.

If you are tired of soccer clubs that talk ‘player development’ but really mean the coach’s or club’s ‘pocketbook development,’ then come and join Matrix South Bay! Some clubs charge nearly $2,000 just to sign up. In our opinion, that is not a good environment for the players or the parents–and it is money better spent on academics, such as tutoring for your child or put into a college fund! In South Bay Matrix, we do not charge monthly coaching fees. Even though our coaching staff is licensed, they are volunteers dedicated to serving the youth of our community who can focus on what’s best for the player, not their pocketbook.

South Bay Matrix involves a commitment of time and talent.

For information about our deposit and fundraising policies, click here: Matrix deposit and fundraising info


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